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n found in recent years in the Qaidam basin in Qinghai and the northern Tibet Plateau.China has come out with a draft of the country's first law on animal protection. For the first time in Chinese

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legislation, criminal punishment for animal cruelty is being proposed.The ▓proposed draft clearly delineates how animals should be raised, transported, and slaughtered in a humane way.It also ca

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lls for penalties and criminal punishment fo▓r animal abuse and cruelty.The draft law covers wildlife, f▓arm and companion animals.Legal experts worked on the d▓raft for seven months. Dr. Chang Jiwen, of the Chinese ▓Academy of Social Sciences, led the team.Dr. chang Jiwen, director of Social Law Research DEpartment of CASS, said, "Our motivations for drafting this law is to protect▓ animals, while at the same time protecting the sensibilities and interests of human beings. We should treat a▓nimals humanely. But that doesn't mean we cannot make use of them."Currently in China, only animals o


n the endangered species list are protected. And no existing ▓law addresses animal welfare systematically.A comprehensive animal protection law is considered imperative as cases of animal abuse a

re on the rise.Last month at least 30 thousand dogs were culled in Hanzhong, Shaanxi pr▓ovince, following a rabies outbreak which caused 12 deat▓h.The cull has triggered ire and harsh criticism from the general public.An expert from the Internationa▓l Fund for Animal Welfare welcomes the move for legislation▓.NANNING, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese scientists have claimed a commercial breakthrough after breeding 10 piglets whose sex was successfully selected before conceptio▓n, heralding potential higher profits for farm

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ers.The healthy piglets were born last week on an experimental farm belonging to the Animal Science Institute in south C▓hina's GuangxiZhuang Auton

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